Event Design Master Program

The North American Academy of Wedding & Event Planning is excited to offer the Accredited Special Events Design Master’s program (AED+M) in collaboration with the Institute of Wedding and Event Design (IWED).

This advanced degree level program will help you to build an exciting career in the wedding and event industry as a recognized professional. The program consists of two streams of learning;

IWED’s industry-leading Accredited Event Design Program (AED) The Academy’s Master Wedding Business Program

The streams can be taken in any order and existing Graduates of IWED’s AED program are invited to also apply. Upon successful completion of both streams of learning, Graduates will become a Master Level Accredited Event Designer and be ready to take their Design business to the next level.

$3997 (includes both streams of learning, your kit and shipping within the United States. Students wishing to complete the IWED stream in class may do so for the same price).

To find out more, inquire about payment plans and discuss your options for studying the AED curriculum online or in class, please contact AED+M Course Specialist Nicole.

Course Curriculum

Stream 1 – Event Design Curriculum Day/Unit 1

  • Lesson 1: Hardware and Terminology An introduction to hardware including; baseplates, drape support bars, uprights and crossbars.
  • Lesson 2: Room Draping and Backdrops An introduction to draping including: basic draping techniques, room draping, pole cover- ings
  • Lesson 3: Advanced Backdrops Expanding on Lesson 2, this lesson focuses on advanced backdrops; curtain backdrop, waterfall

Day/Unit 2

  • Lesson 4: Ceiling Hardware An introduction to ceiling draping hardware tools & accessories.
  • Lesson 5: Ceiling Draping Techniques Demonstration of starburst ceiling, starburst layout & linear draping.
  • Lesson 6: Ceiling Draping Alternatives Options for creating an alternative when ceiling draping isn’t a viable option
  • Lesson 7: Table Linen Learn about the types of table linen styles available on the market
  • Lesson 8: Head Table Configurations An outline of the varying arrangements & confirguations for head tables.
  • Lesson 9: Cinderella Skirting Learn how to create beautiful Cinderella skirtings with brooches and buckles

Day/Unit 3

  • Lesson 10: Table Draping Traditional and modern table draping & skirtings Lesson 11: Specialty Tables Specialty table options and beautiful design ideas
  • Lesson 12: Elements & Principles of Design The element & design principles as well as color theory.
  • Lesson 13: Chair Design Various chair types, chair covers & chair bows.
  • Lesson 14: Centerpiece Design Centerpiece design, glassware & inspiring design ideas Lesson 15: Tabletop Design Complete tabletop design & how to maximize impact

Day/Unit 4

  • Lesson 16: Ceremony Traditions Review the history of wedding ceremonies
  • Lesson 17: Ceremony Design Explore ceremony decor options & aisle drapings
  • Lesson 18: Four Post Canopy Execute a traditional four post canopy structure
  • Lesson 19: Round Canopy Learn how to execute a modern round canopy
  • Lesson 20: Lighting Types and Techniques Understand basic lighting concepts and equipment.

Day/Unit 5

  • Lesson 21: Starting Your Business Goal setting, insurance and business communications.
  • Lesson 22: Marketing and Social Media Marketing strategies, tradeshows & social media
  • Lesson 23: Consultations and Pricing Consultation guidelines, pricing, proposal & more
  • Lesson 24: Factors Influencing Your Industry Marketing statistics and industry links to inspire you

Stream 2 – Master Wedding Business Curriculum

  1. Unit 1 – Harnessing Inspiration & Using Story Boards
    In this module, we are going to help you become better at harnessing your inspiration so you can grow as a wedding professional. We will also teach you how to use Story Boards to help you communicate your design ideas.
  2. Unit 2 – Trend-Spotting and Trend-Setting
    In this module we consider details and trends to help you develop your skills as both a trend-spotter and trend-setter. We will also look at color trends and how to predict them and teach you how to apply trends to your wedding business.
  3. Unit 3 – Designing with Software
    In this module we consider the importance of presenting your design to the client and introduce you to the three primary ways to present your designs; hand illustrations, three-dimensional computer renderings and physical models. You will also learn effective presentation methods.
  4. Unit 4 – The Secret to Successful Styled Shoots
    In this module we teach you the secrets to a successful Styled Shoot. You will learn the basics you need to know, how to develop a concept, all about planning your Styled Shoot and how to prepare and be organized on the day. We will then teach you how to market and submit your Styled Shoot for publication.
  5. Unit 5 – Building a Portfolio
    In this module we look at the importance of a Portfolio and teach you how to start building yours. You will learn how to sell yourself to clients and about using software to present your proposals.
  6. Unit 6 – Getting Published and Maximising PR
    In this module we are going to teach you how to find your story and successfully sell it to the media, so you can be published, or gain PR for your business and your work.
  7. Unit 7 – The Business of Blogging
    In this module you will learn about all aspects of wedding business blogging. There are topics on design and themes, what to write, promoting your blog and tips for SEO. Wherever you are with your wedding business blog, this module will help you make blogging your wedding business a success and a pleasure!
  8. Unit 8 – Branding 101
    In this module you will gain an understanding of the importance of branding and learn how to design your own successful brand. We will teach you the 5 disciplines of brand building and share our 7 step plan for creating your own brand. In this module you will also learn how to audit your brand.
  9. Unit 9 – Writing a Business Plan
    In this module you will be taken step by step through the process of writing your own business plan. You will also write a mission statement and learn how to review your business.
  10. Unit 10 – Pricing for Profit
    In this module we explore pricing your services and teach you about the different strategies you can use to ensure you are pricing for profit.
  11. Unit 11 – Marketing and Your Ideal Bride
    In this module we teach you how to use a 5 step plan to help you attract an ideal bride (one that really exists!).
  12. Unit 12 – Instagram & Building Your Client Base
    You will learn about ‘the grid’, stories and how to review your stats on Instagram & create an Instagram strategy.

Event Design Master Program

Event Design Master Program

After successfully completing both the workshop and online portions of the course, you will receive a printed and embossed degree certificate issued jointly by IWED and WEI and titled “Accredited Event Designer Master” You will also receive a digital badge for use in your online marketing and social media and will be able to use the letters ASED+M after your name.

Testing is required to ensure the knowledge taught is retained by the student and will be a combination of observational, written, practical or a combination of these. There is no extra cost for the exam as it is all included within the workshop price.


Event Design Master Program

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Event Design Master Program

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