Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling and Design

  • Design & style a wedding
  • Plan & coordinate a wedding
  • Offered by E Learning
  • Industry recognized 
  • Become a Certified Wedding Planner and Designer
  • Complete in as little as 6 months 

The Wedding Planner and Designer Certification Course is the perfect course for those who want to combine a love of design with the planning elements of a wedding. It is a fast paced course that can be completed in as little as 6 months and covers all elements of design including applying color, special effects, lighting and decor, as well as learning those crucial planning skills required to fully understand your client’s wedding. It allows them to not only plan the elements but design the overall concept using tools such as inspiration boards, design software and much more.

The last two sections of your course, Sections 8 & 9, are dedicated to marketing, starting and running a successful business in the wedding industry. These units will ensure you can hit the ground running upon successful completion of your course.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a Diploma, Digital Certification Badge and be able to use the title of Certified Wedding Planner & Designer which is recognized internationally.

Section 1 – The Basics of Wedding Design

  • Unit 1 – The World of Wedding Design
  • Unit 2 – Conceptualization & Planning
  • Unit 3 – The Principles of Wedding Design
  • Unit 4 – Designing the Experience

Section 2 – The Theory of Design

  • Unit 5 – Color Schemes & Effects
  • Unit 6 – Design & Decor Techniques

Section 3 – Design Elements

  • Unit 7 – Floral Design & Decor
  • Unit 8 – Fabric Decor
  • Unit 9 – Lighting & Aesthetics
  • Unit 10 – Special Effects
  • Unit 11 – Creating a Table Centerpiece

Section 4 – Wedding Planning Basics

  • Unit 12 – Folklore, Traditions & Etiquette
  • Unit 13 – Location & Ceremony
  • Unit 14 – Design & Your Venue

Section 5 – Wedding Vendors & Your Team

  • Unit 15 – Wedding Catering & Rentals
  • Unit 16 – Entertainment & Music
  • Unit 17 – Transport
  • Unit 18 – Invites & Gifts
  • Unit 19 – Photographer & Videographer

Section 6 – Wedding Production

  • Unit 20 – Preparing a Wedding Budget
  • Unit 21 – Designing & Presenting with Software
  • Unit 22 – The Wedding Day
  • Unit 23 – Working With Wedding Suppliers

Section 7 – Working With Brides

  • Unit 24 – Client Consultations
  • Unit 25 – The Psychology of a Bride

Section 8 – Wedding Marketing & Consultations

  • Unit 26 – Social Media & Publicity
  • Unit 27 – Wedding Marketing

Section 9 – Starting a Wedding Business

  • Unit 28 – Starting your own Business
  • Unit 29 – Finance
  • Unit 30 – Contracts & Insurance

Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling and Design


Explore the virtual campus, experience the courses, take a sneak peak at the assignments and peruse our library of publications.

No one wants to buy anything sight unseen, even education, which is why we have created the ‘education experience’. We want you to understand what it’s like to be a student, before you buy, so you can enrol with confidence.

  • Sample our Courses. We invite you to ‘Experience Education’ with the Academy via our interactive, online, Student Campus.
  • View Assignments & Student Work.  Your ‘experience’ includes access to sample assignments and a sneak peak at work completed by students and their Tutor’s feedback too.
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Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling and Design

One of the most important parts of learning is the ability to apply what you have learnt. Consolidation of each unit is vital and we do this by using unit projects and assignments. There are no tests or exams in what we do at the Academy instead we use real life scenarios from professionals wedding planners to allow you to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained in a practical way.

Your course will include  9 assignments. These assignments will lead you through every stage of designing, styling and planning a wedding. You will choose a theme to work on for the duration of your assignments from the following list:

  • Vintage
  • Romantic
  • Offbeat
  • Beach
  • Rustic
  • Literature (choose a book on which the theme will be loosely based on. Some ideas would be a Jane Austen novel, Charles Dickens novel or even a fairy tale book)
  • Cinema (choose a film on which the theme will be loosely based on. Some ideas would be the Twilight Saga, The Great Gatsby, Sex and the City or Anna Karenina)
  • Travel (choose a style such as Mexican, Venetian, Spanish, Parisian etc.)

You will be expected to treat your tutor as your client and the assignment you submit as your proposal. There will also be a short unit project at the end of each unit to make sure you have understood the unit and are able to apply it to your work.

Designing a wedding is part of the Wedding Planning process, but it is a separate activity and requires different skills and knowledge if it is to be done well. Design refers to the overall look and feel of a wedding and how it appeals to the five senses so we have included as part of your course material a 3 month license to 3D Event Designer. Planning refers to the coordination and management of the wedding and how it comes together as one seamless event so we have included as part of your course material a 30 day license to Social Tables. These tools will be great for you to use when you launch your new business.

Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling and Design

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Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling and Design

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