Student of the Month – Cecilia Nnamani

CeciliaWe love that the Academy attracts students from around the world to its wedding and event courses. Because of our flexible learning platform, international contributors and online support, it really doesn’t matter where you are, we can help you achieve your goals, like we did for our student Cecilia Nnamani who studied our Wedding Planning Certification course. Employed by Omu Obilor – luxury wedding planners located in Lagos, Nigeria, Cecilia works as a Senior Coordinator.

When Cecilia completed her course earlier this year, I asked her, what her goals were when she enrolled with the Institution

Cecilia: My goal when I enrolled was to increase my knowledge of the industry and experience a wider perspective to the wedding industry with a view of running my own wedding planning business in the future. I also felt the knowledge will go a long way in helping me influence other people who wish to pursue a career in the wedding industry. The training will afford me the opportunity to meet and build outstanding relationships.

How did the course help you to prepare for this next step in your career?

Cecilia: This course helped me gain more knowledge and experience. There was a remarkable improvement in my skills while staying on top of the industry trends. It has also given me creative ideas on how to set up my own wedding planning business.


What about a particular highlight whilst you were completing your studies?

Cecilia: The particular highlight during my time as a student is when I was asked in chapter 5 to create a visual portfolio that can be shown to potential clients. I designed 10 beautiful boards in total for my visual portfolio assignment. I was very excited when it was featured under Success Stories.

We love to be able to share the work of our talented students like you Cecilia. What about those thinking of following in your footsteps. Do you have some advice for them?

Cecilia: My advice for future Academy students is that they should stay focused and finish the course. Acquire the basic knowledge and be the best you can be. Cecilia: I’m still in the process of launching my own wedding planning business. So watch out!

A big thank you for Cecilia for chatting to us today. Become one of our success stories too by choosing Certification with the Academy, contact Nicole to find out how.